Midwifery Conference

Custom pick your pathway through this epic week of CEU’s, Skillz & Drillz, a 3 day conference & transformational retreat. Welcome Home!

Hosted at the beautiful and historic Galvez Hotel and Spa on the beach in Galveston, Texas in the middle of November 2022!

Hold your spottoday!

Limited spots available!

Midwifery Wisdom Conference and retreat

It all startswith "skillz & drillz"

A round-robin, 20 stations, hands-on process with life-like models, real-life scenarios, and qualified mentors to support your learning and practice.

Course certification, CEU’s, and/or student sign-offs for Bridge, NARM, ACNM, PEP, NRP, and most schools offered. You proceed through the stations based on the pathway you choose, a) AP Midwife (6 yrs +) b) Midwife (0-5yrs) c) Senior Student d) New Midwifery Student or Assistant.

Available Thursday through Monday, but will fill up fast, as there are limited spots.

Skillz & Drillz’ Pathways:
  • Phlebotomy
  • Canulation / IV
  • FHT Auditory Practice
  • Abdominal Palpation
  • Pelvic Exam / VE
  • Bladder Catheterization
  • Bulb Foley Placement
  • Maternal Vital Assessment
  • Well-Person Physcial Exam
  • Newborn Exam
  • Episiotomy & Suture
  • NRP
  • CPR
  • 911 Call Scrip Practice
  • Placenta/ Clot Manual Removal
  • Bi-Manual Compression
  • EBL & IM Injections
  • Breech Maneuvers
  • Shoulder Dystocia Maneuvers
  • Emergencies Role Play
midwifery wisdom conference

The 3 day conference begins on Friday

Our Keynote Speaker:
JayVon Muhammad, BS, CPM, MA-MCHS, LM

As well as other epic Midwifery Wisdom mentors

Topics TBA

  • Angela Love, CNM
  • Augustine Colebrook, CPM, MA-MCHS
  • Barbara Grace
  • Barbara Harper, RN, Midwife, CKC, BHT
  • Brittany Thornton, CPM, LM
  • Ilka Fanni Szilágyi
  • JaLisa Taylor, CPM, LM
  • Jamarah Amani, LM
  • Jennifer Justice Gallardo, CPM, LM
  • Jessica Johnston, CPM, LM
  • Jennifer Nelson, RN, DEM
  • Karen Dewitt, ND
  • Kesha Chiappinelli, JD, IBCLC
  • Kimberly Haines, CPM, LM
  • Krista Miracle, ASM, CPM, LM
  • Kristine Lauria, CPM
  • Leslie Ann Cornwell, CNM
  • Mari-Carmen Farmer, CNM
  • Mary Harris
  • Melissa Nealy, IBCLC
  • Moriah Melin, CPM, RM
  • Rixa Freeze, PhD
  • Roxanne Barnes, CNM
  • Tanya Wills, CNM
  • Wantina Brooks-Roach, CPM, LM
  • Wendi Cleckner, CPM, JD, LM
  • and more yet to be confirmed….

But wait! There's more!

Monday night, we welcome you to a transformational Midwifery Wisdom Retreat for personal growth and business success! Keynote speaker TBA

midwifery wisdom retreat

The Transformational Retreat

Tuesday through Friday, rest and reflect as Augustine and others lead you through a series of exercises to free blockages and up-level in all areas of your life.

Plus, laugh with your sibling midwives around the pool or beach, take naps, and dine on delicious food while you repair and unwind from the most stressful 2 years any of us have ever lived through!

Hold your spottoday!

Limited spots available!


Thursday Nov 10
Welcome and ‘Skillz & Drillz’ Begin

Friday Nov 11
Conference Welcome and Presentations Begin

Saturday Nov 12
Conference Keynote Address and Presentations

Sunday Nov 13
Conference Wraps with a ‘Live, Interactive Role Play”

Monday Nov 14
‘Skillz & Drills’ Wraps and Retreat Begins

Tuesday Nov 15
Transformational Retreat Keynote Address

Wednesday Nov 16
Your Core Desires Workshop

Thursday Nov 17
Setting Boundaries Workshop

Friday Nov 18
Strategic Goal Setting Workshop. Retreat Wraps with Salt Bowl Circle

Everyone, regardless of training level is welcome to participate in all parts of the week’s expereince. 20% discount offered for all tickets for Midwives or Students of Color, please use code MOC2022

This event is likely to fill quickly and we recommend securing your spot with a ‘deposit ticket’. You may also register in full with the discounted ’early bird’ price through the end of 2022. There is also the option to pay monthly.

If you are tickled pink like we are, at the epic amount of fun and learning coming your way with the nation’s leading experts, and want to attend the WHOLE EXPERIENCE, then ear mark just one client’s global fee and you can do it!!

We cant wait to see you!

The Midwifery Wisdom Core Team
Augustine, Raji, Kristen, Leila, Bekah, Meredith, and Kesha ❤️

Hold your spottoday!

Looking to pay for the Full Midwifery Wisdom Experience over the next 10 months? Let’s set it up!

January – October 2022 | $119 per month + tax


That’s ok! let’s stay in touch.

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