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RH neg pregnant people must choose whether or not to receive RhoGAM, help them make this critical choice by providing them this evidence based, informed consent document.

Excerpt:” Prenatal blood work test for a variety of things, one of which is blood type. A person’s blood type includes being positive or negative for the Rh factor. The red blood cells of most people carry this Rh factor, making them Rh positive. Those who do not carry it are Rh negative. The only time this factor is a concern is when an Rh negative mom is pregnant with an Rh positive baby. This is only possible if the baby’s father is Rh positive AND the baby has inherited the Rh positive factor. We don’t know what babies blood type is until after birth, unless you choose to undergo a blood test. This blood test is extremely low risk; however, it can be expensive.

 During pregnancy the mom’s and the baby’s blood do not usually mix, in rare cases the baby’s blood may mix with the mothers. Examples of these rare cases could include abdominal trauma such as in the case of a car accident or bad fall on the belly. If the mom and baby’s blood mix and the mom is Rh negative and the baby is Rh positive the mom’s body views the baby’s blood as an invader and will produce antibodies to the Rh factor. The job of the antibodies is to find and destroy the foreign factor, which in this case is the baby’s Rh-positive blood. When the mom’s body begins this process, we call it “sensitization.” © 2021 Augustine Colebrook All Rights Reserved

*This is a digital download. Not a physical printed item.


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