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A ubiquitous newborn informed decision-making document necessary for all midwives’ practice – let us do the research and writing for you.

Excerpt:”Vitamin K is a vital part of the blood clotting factor. A few babies, about 1 in 10,000, suffer from a deficiency of vitamin K (VKDB) and may bleed internally which is a very serious condition. The signs of VKDB is external bleeding, skin bruising, and/or blood seeping from a body opening. Should any of these signs occur your health care provider should be contacted immediately!

Types of VKDB:

Early: This is very rare, typically occurring within the first 24 hours of birth. It’s seen most often when the mother was taking a medication that interferes with Vitamin K production.

Classic: This type of VKDB occurs within the first week after birth.

Late-Onset: This is the most frequent type of VKDB. It usually occurs between weeks 3 and 8.” © 2021 Augustine Colebrook All Rights Reserved

*This is a digital download. Not a physical printed item.


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