We want diversity and inclusion in midwifery education, practice, political representation and in the profession as a whole.

The Midwifery Wisdom Collective has a deep commitment to creating social equity in midwifery education and as such, we welcome all midwives of color to our workshops and other programs. Diversity and inclusion in midwifery education, practice and in the profession as a whole is the future we want.

We define diversity as the variety of differences and similarities among people which can include gender identity, race/ethnicity, tribal/indigenous origins, age, culture, generation, religion, class/caste, language, education, geography, nationality, different abilities, sexual orientation, work style, work experience, job role and function, military involvement, thinking style, personality type and other ideologies. Welcoming diversity requires moving beyond simple tolerance to respecting and embracing differences in a safe, positive and nurturing environment.

We strive to create a learning environment free from institutionalized and personalized racism, dedicated to social justice and a culturally versatile approach to midwifery education. We recognize that systemic inequity results in poor pregnancy and birth outcomes and we believe that midwives of color are the appropriate care providers for many women at risk. We also recognize that midwives have always been an integral part of the fabric of the human community. We believe in the strength of the community midwife model and believe that midwives from the community are most often the best maternity care providers for the community. Regrettably, the midwifery profession as it stands in the U.S. today does not adequately serve the whole human community (Bastyr University).

With humility and deep listening, we are creating an inclusive learning environment where student midwives feel welcomed, represented, supported and safe; where students learn to care for all families in a way that is culturally affirming and respectful; and where our commitment to social justice is woven into every facet of our program. We ask for feedback whenever we may miss this mark, and gratefully accept correction and/or guidance. Because of the deeply inequitable representation of midwives of color in the national US midwifery population, we are committed to making our workshops and trainings financially accessible and in locations reachable by everyone.

To that end, we encourage any midwives or students who identify as a midwife (midwife-to-be) of color to use this code for 20% off when registering for a workshop, course, or purchasing products.


​If you would like to host one of our workshops in your area, please message us.

We also would love to recommend this resource created by colleague and mentor, Kristin Efland, CPM, MA

For white folks just learning about the ‘herstory’ of midwifery including the systemic abuse and persecution of black midwives in the US, please read this blog post.

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