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​Any midwife or midwifery apprentice/student may attend the workshop, however it is highly recommended that for the AP midwifery skills workshop that apprentices attend with their preceptor midwife unless they are almost finished with their training. Additionally, please be aware that the AP Midwifery skills workshop is presenting quite advanced subject matter and deference in the workshop will be given to midwives not explaining basic concepts to students. Doulas and other birth workers are welcome to attend the beginning midwifery workshop, but not the AP workshops without prior approval from us.​

Absolutely, in fact it is the preferred location for workshops. We need enough comfortable seating for all registrants and AV equipment (large TV & HDMI cable or projector, screen and non-mac cable).
No, we will handle all the details, you just pass around the digital flier we make to your community.
The AP clinical workshop is priced at $345 per person for a 2 day intensive workshop. The AP Business skills workshop is a one day workshop priced at $135. The beginning midwifery workshop is priced at $525 for a weeklong intensive per person. Additional add-ons can be individually added to any of these workshops based on what your community needs are – like an evening phlebotomy intensive, or a suture skillshop – these are priced individually.
As host, you are responsible for arranging a meeting space that can be a rented or a home living room – if 10 or less take the course, you are responsible for arranging for a free meeting space or paying the cost of the one that you arrange. If more than 10 register, we will pay up to $200 per day for a rented space. Additionally, we really appreciate help with transportation and housing for us while we are in your area. Ideally you or another midwife attending the workshop could host us in a spare room and help with transportation to and from the airport.
There must be 7 people paid and registered at least 30 days before the scheduled start of the workshop for us to confirm. One of your jobs as host is to help publicize the workshop from the time your receive the flier via email for the workshop your hosting. We will appraise you of the numbers as they change and we will do one last big advertising push 2 months before the workshop which usually gets the minimum required. The maximum is more controlled by the space we are using, if you anticipate a large number of participants in your area, lets plan ahead, reserve a community center, birth center education room, or church meeting hall instead of using a living room.
At least 30 days before the workshop date we will have a conversation about who has registered and who you know of in your community who intends to register – based on that conversation, we will decide whether or not to move forward. Occasionally, we contact those already registered and just move the date further out to give people more time to register. But, sometimes, we do need to cancel; however, if you and/or other registrants will cover the cost of the ‘missing’ registrants, then we will agree to continue with our plans.
We need to plan a workshop in your area with at least 60 days notice, unless you would like to prepay the entire cost of the workshop and have registrants reimburse you.

Yes, supplies are required for the AP clinical workshop, you are asked to gather those before the workshop – the total cost isn’t more than $105.

  • a box of med and small non-sterile gloves
  • a quart of fake blood
  • disposable tuperware container
  • bottle of cheap fiber
  • a chux pad for every person plus 8 extra
  • 2 packs of suture material for every person attending
  • a whole beef tongue for every 7 people attending.

We will help you source these items if needed. Depending on what add-ons you want to offer, in addition to the AP Clinical Workshop, like phlebotomy, there may be a bigger list of supplies.

Babes in arms are always welcome, provided that the mom will step out if there is too much noise. Babies that are crawling or walking should not plan to attend. A very well behaved school-aged child who, because of scheduling, must sit in the back of the room (or play upstairs) for some or all of the workshop is acceptable as long as the parent understands that if they must leave because the child becomes disruptive, that there are no refunds offered.
Yes, we ask that hosts provide a continental breakfast for the participants – this can be store bought (hand-made not required). The continental breakfast can double as a mid-morning or afternoon snack to keep participants’ brains sharp. Lunch can be either potluck or at the participants own expense – your choice.
Yes, because you know best where your ‘people’ hang out online or in person. Helping spread the word is crucial because it gets the flier to the people in your area. We will help too!
Yes, this is your job, we will depend on you to completely set up and take down the entire workshop space.
We only take electronic payment, all major credit cards, & paypal unless a participant discusses with us an alternative payment plan ahead of time. Once we get the requisite 7 registered, we are fine with people paying the day of – we can run a credit card on site.
They are welcome to sell/transfer their ticket to someone else OR attend a different workshop of mine in the following 12 months. We don’t give refunds to anyone for any reason (yes even a birth).
Depends on which workshop and ad-ons you’re interested in. Please feel free to message us to create the ideal workshop for your area. Typically ranging between 1- 5 days.
Each person needs different information so to save paper and waste, most midwives get what they need by writing their personal notes and taking pictures of certain parts of the slide show – which is permitted. However on several major points in the workshops, we have created templates, worksheets, or other handouts that can be delivered digitally during or after the workshop on request.
Yes, for the AP Clinical Skills Workshop (as a stand alone and as part of the Comprehensive week-long workshop, we have been issued 16 CEU’s through MEAC & 14.5 CEU’s through ACNM Also for the Twins, Breech & ECV (taken along or as part of the comprehensive week-long workshop) we have been issued 8 CEU’s from both MEAC & ACNM. Other workshops are in the application process and will be announced when approved.


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