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We are SOLD out for our 2023 Skillz & Drillz Stations! Make sure & register early for this must-experience event when we release our 2024 Experience dates – stay tuned!

Proceed through the Skillz & Drillz Stations based on your pathway:

1. AP Midwife (6 yrs +)
2. Midwife (0-5yrs) 
3. Senior Student
4. New Midwifery Student or Assistant

Skill stations are based on your skill level and will allow you to practice the skills, hone your skills, and expand your career and knowledge. This will be a hands-on process with life-like models, real-life scenarios, and qualified mentors to support your learning and practice.

Student sign-offs for Bridge, NARM, ACNM, PEP, NRP, and most schools offered.

Stations open 8am – 5pm:  Wed. 11/8/23 – Fri. 11/10/23. 

midwife skillz phlebotomy


Learning how to draw blood and doing it weekly in-office is the key to keeping your IV skills excellent! Come for beginning instruction or for some quick practice – all supplies provided.

Your Mentor: Leslie Cornwell

midwife skillz

Bladder Catheterization

Designed to refresh anatomy and skills, our silicone model will help you establish or advance this skill quickly.

Your Mentor: Shawna DeWitt

midwife skillz

Newborn Exam

Practice this skill with or without guidance to support or test yourself on this multi-step thorough exam.

Your Mentor: Mary Harris

Estimated and Quantitative Blood Loss

In a rush you need to be able to quickly estimate blood loss. If you have time, you can weigh and measure. We’ve got two fun birth scenes for you to assess.

Your Mentor: Katie Black

midwife skillz

Intramuscular Injections

Come get your hands-on practice with ampules and single and multi-use vials, as you practice drawing up and administering IM injections.

Your Mentor: Jacqueline George

midwifery skills fetal heart tones

FHT Auditory Practice

Practice your fetal heart tone assessment by listening to several real-life recordings and then discuss your findings with the mentor.

Your Mentor: Sharon Cardenas

midwife skillz

Foley Bulb Placement

Placing a foley is a powerful and safe method of induction out of the hospital, use our anatomically correct model to learn or practice this skill to decrease postterm transports.

Your Mentor: Nikki Weir Williams

midwife skillz

911 Call Script Practice

We have some real-life scenarios for you to summarize on a ‘pretend’ 911 call using our script. Have some fun and also learn how to legally protect yourself.

Your Mentor: Jen Grieco

midwife skillz

Breech Maneuvers

Safe breech birth (either planned or surprise) requires muscle memory. Come practice with the masters of breech birth and the ’Sophie and her mum’ model.

Your Mentor: Kristine Laurie & Whitney Pinger

midwifery skills abdominal palpation

Abdominal Palpation

Estimating weight and assessing position takes practice, we have a water-filled abdominal model to give you the practice you need.

Your Mentor: Lisa Rawson

midwife skillz

Placenta/Clot Manual Removal & Bi-Manual Compression

Some postpartum emergencies require quick and aggressive action. Come practice on our pelvic models with fake blood to conquer your fears.

Your Mentor: Wantina Brooks-Roach

midwife skillz

Shoulder Dystocia Maneuvers

Two percent of your clients will experience a life-threatening shoulder dystocia. To resolve this safely you need to have muscle memory and a team mentality. Practice on our life-like model with your peers.

Your Mentor: Nicole MoralesWendi Cleckner

Knot 2

Knot Practice

New to suturing? Come practice the 3 methods of knot tying.

Your Mentor: Augustine Colebrook

midwife skillz

Canulation / IV

Appropriate for all levels, this station emphasizes efficiency over perfection and moves the participant through theory, safety, equipment, practice and successful IV practice. All supplies provided, must be willing to receive a practice IV in order to practice on someone else. Static Arm models provided as well.

Your Mentor: Jacqueline George

midwife skillz

Episiotomy & Suture

Evaluating and repairing perineal injury takes practice. Join us to learn the 4 reasons why you must repair, an in-depth explanation of tears you can leave alone, how to perform an episiotomy and how to repair a first or second-degree tear in this comprehensive station.

Your Mentor: Augustine Colebrook

midwife skillz


Theory and practice for NRP. Green students welcome.

Your Mentor: Wendi Cleckner

Pregnancy Dating Calculations

Pregnancy Dating Calculations

Come and test the 6 methods of establishing due dates for yourself.

Your Mentor: Lisa Rawson

midwifery skills pelvic exam

Pelvic Exam / Vaginal Exam

You can only measure a changing cervix by feel, so you better come feel some different dilations. At this station, you can also learn how to insert a speculum and gather a Pap smear sample.

Your Mentor: Kimberly Haines

midwife skillz

Well-Person Physcial Exam and Adult Vitals

Practice using equipment, as well as using a humanistic, inclusive approach to meeting each person where they are in health and life. Live models will be your peers.

Your Mentor: Dia Ingalls

midwife skillz

Emergencies Role Play

Your Mentor: Augustine Colebrook

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