Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Your Favorite Midwife or Birth Worker


10 Amazing Gifts for Your Favorite Midwife or Apprentice

This holiday season don’t forget your favorite midwife. Wondering what would be an appropriate gift? Here are some suggestions.​ 1. Informed consent suite  My team and I spent literally 10 months researching, editing, editing, editing, designing, and having our legal counsel review this suite of 14 informed consents. These vital shared decision-making tools give autonomy and sovereignty

Birth Songs

Sing your song Any experienced midwife will tell you she can ‘hear’ a woman reach ‘complete’.  The sound of birth is fairly ubiquitous – individual and unique for sure – but there’s just this sound.  It rattles your jaw and tingles your spine – we midwives just KNOW it’s time when we hear it. Midwives

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