Batch Creating Social Media Posts to Save Time

We live in the era of Web 2.0 and are rapidly approaching Web 3.0. This tech-speak is overwhelming for a lot of midwives, but it is necessary to understand none-the-less, so we’re going to try to decipher what this is and why it matters for you.

Gone are the days of ‘putting out your shingle’ and attracting clients.

Unless you work for the Amish or some other tightly woven sub-community, or intend to be ‘off-grid’ and ‘underground’, potential clients will not find you (or trust you) unless you also have a ‘digital avatar’. You need to live online as well as in real life for the modern consumer to find you, rank you as a potential resource they want to contact, and of course hire you. Midwives, a website is a non-negotiable.

But a website is often not enough; you also need to have a social media presence, the big three for midwives are Facebook, instagram, TikTok, but youtube, LinkedIn, twitter, and others could be in the running for your attention as well. It can get really overwhelming – we know.

So, we’d like to coach you to simplify your web presence and reach your ideal customer more easily – sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, its not!

Follow these steps for success.

      1. Website, check – but simple, like one landing page simple, We like Samcart, Weebly, or Wix

      1. Email List Managment software – we like ConvertKit (Click here to sign up using our affiliate link or Click here for the free plan)

      1. Opt In on your website (this happens automatically, we’ll tell you how)

      1. BLOG posts (ahem, kinda like this one you’re reading now 😁)

    At first it can feel overwhelming to imagine a weekly newsletter, but folks, it works – and it’s actually easy if you batch-write your posts.

    Here’s the magic and the message I want busy midwives to take home…. You will be more productive and actually tap into your own brand of midwife-magic if you set aside a couple hours, set a timer and write all 4 blog posts in one sitting

    When i was running a brick-and-mortar birth center, I even would turn on voice record during a couple prenatals and then do voice to text and then just spend those hours editing my words to a couple posts about things I ALWAYS TALK ABOUT (can anyone say GBS / GDM / Vit K; we could repeat this spiel in our sleep, amirite?).

    Remember, just cause you’re used to hearing it, doesnt mean that your clients are;  especially potentials clients that come to your website and sign up for your newsletter cause  they’re looking for a smart, evidence-based, articulate care provider – (psst, this is you from me, 🤩 if they receive these weekly blog posts!!)

    Bottom line, you’ve got a literal endless amount of topics you could write/speak on, and your clients and potential clients are ALL ears!

    Pregnant people devour every single book on pregnancy, birth and parenting (even the really really bad ones, like ‘what to expect’) because they’re starving for info.

    They would much rather hear from you – their midwife (or potential midwife) on the topics they’re googling. And just think of all the things theyre searching;

    ‘will my boobs leak’

    ‘what do I do about heartburn’

    ‘what is third trimester testing’

    ‘how can i induce myself’

    ‘help, diaper rash’

    ‘when can i have sex after birth’

    ‘do husbands really faint at birth’ and

    ‘how can i uninvite my mother-in-law from the birth’

    There I just gave you the titles to your first 2 months of blog posts – its really that easy!

    Brainstorm a list of topics, set an alarm, type your little heart out – dispense bite-size nuggets of wise, helpful, and evidence-based content for free, and you will be your clients favorite person! This will also make your job easier as in the years to come (as you keep writing and keep publishing on your website), the next time a client asks one of these questions, you can just send her a link to your writing instead of repeating yourself (ad nauseum).

    Also side benefit, although definitely advanced biz owner deets, the more you post and use keywords, the better google ranks you in said searches, so you can become insta-midwife-famous in your own way!

    If you want to go deeper into how to set up your list management software, I and my colleague Anna set up a FREE 20 min tutorial you can watch here.

    And even deeper would be to sign up for the “Marketing for Midwives’ e-course here.

    Happy blogging! If you have other business, clinical, or lifestyle topics you want us to write on, please send us a note here


    The Midwives’ midwife, Augustine


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